January 14, 2014

Tea with Jee at the Soho Grand Hotel

Last fall, I believe it was a sunny, brisk day in November, I met Jee at the Soho Grand Hotel on Broadway for tea and lunch. We planned to eat in the Club Room, but it is reserved for guests, so we ate in the Salon.

Now, I remember enjoying this tea, a Japanese sencha perhaps, but that is all I can recall. I did not take any notes!

We ordered two starters to share. The grilled octopus with rice cakes. Delicious.

The second starter was palate of local cheeses. All paired well with my tea.

The octopus was good but this maple cheesecake with roasted pear was better! Jee chose the sweet potato meringue pie - fitting for the season.


  1. I love that first picture. That octopus dish looks and sounds amazing!

  2. Georgia | Notes on Tea1/16/14, 10:05 AM

    Thank you, Sara! I am pleased with the photo's composition.


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