December 10, 2013

Tea Review: Nudo Darjeeling Monsoon and Golden Harvest

Looking for a Darjeeling that drinks like a breakfast blend? I recommend Nudo Darjeeling Monsoon. Its deep flavor works well with milk. However, it is not tannin heavy, so you can drink it plain.

Whereas the leaves of the Monsoon are dark, the Golden Harvest has multicolored leaves. The tea steeps* to a deep yellow-orange, almost like the color of honey. The first sip has a lovely sweetness. Subsequent sips have an herbal profile but that sweet notes lingers on the tongue. The Golden Harvest suits a cold day and a view of brown-orange leaves barely hanging on to the trees.

This review is the second of two for Nudo Darjeeling. Read the review of the Nudo Darjeeling First and Second Flushes.

* One teaspoon of dry leaves were steeped in boiling water for three minutes.

P.S. Adopt a tea garden.  It will fund local family tea farms and support 100% authentic Darjeeling tea.

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