November 12, 2013

Tea Review: Nudo Darjeeling First Flush and Second Flush

Nudo Darjeeling has altered my perception about Darjeelings.  I received four samples from Nudo Darjeeling two weeks ago.  I have prepared three of the four teas.  Here is my review of the First Flush and Second Flush.

The leaves of the first flush are choppy and small and tinged green.  The steep was astringent, reminding me of a Japanese green tea.  The aroma was of toasted chestnuts with a mildly floral flavor.

I prepared my cup using one teaspoon of leaves steeped for three minutes with boiling water.  The color of the steep was a honey yellow.  This tea would not pair well with milk, I think.  On the other hand, the second flush can handle milk but I preferred to drink mine without milk.

The second flush is different from the first flush in other ways.  The leaves are longer, darker, and tinged reddish-brown.  The dry leaves smell like cocoa nibs and so does the steep!  This flush tastes likes a classic Darjeeling.

The color of the second flush steep is quite vibrant; perfect hue and flavor for the season.  I would substitute this flush in place of English or black tea in the banana chai loaf with masala drizzle recipe available on the Nudo website.

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