October 08, 2013

Tea Review: Tea Setter Iron Goddess oolongs

I bought Stilton for the explicit purpose of pairing the cheese with puerhs from Tea Setter but I had purchased enough that I decided to pair the blue cheese with two oolongs, both from Tea Setter.  One was a medium grade Iron Goddess and the other was a high grade Iron Goddess.  Instead of using recommended portion of 4g, I prepared each oolong on two different days using 2g each time.  The photos in this post were taking on day 1. I did not take photographs on day 2. 

The high grade oolong had a darker color on both days.  In terms of aroma and taste, the high grade oolong was extremely buttery on the first day but more floral on the second day.  The dry leaves were beautifully rolled and the steeped leaves had a deep seaweed green color.

Both oolongs paired well with the Stilton.  Why did the two complement each other? I am not sure they should!  According to my notes from a tea and cheese pairing hosted by In Pursuit of Tea, oolongs pair well with cheddars and puerhs with blue cheeses.  I think the saltiness of the Stilton enhanced the butter notes of the oolongs.  

Are you pairing teas with cheeses?

Thanks again to Tea Setter and Nicole of Tea for Me Please for the oolongs.

P.S. Here is my review of Wild Arbor Oriental Beauty from Tea Setter.

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