October 22, 2013

Review: Tea Drunk

There is so much to like about New York's newest tea room, Tea Drunk! The shape of its windows, the interior layout including the hanging garden on the rear wall, and its logo.

I very much enjoyed the gaiwan service at Tea Drunk.  Jee of Oh, How Civilized accompanied me and we shared the Early Spring 2013 Dian Hong, a red tea.  Shunan, the owner, also joined us at the table. She is incredibly knowledgeable about Chinese teas which is what one would expect given the focus of the tea room.

Two other things I liked about Tea Drunk were the tea ware and the tea pets. I had not known about tea pets before this experience. Shunan gave us the back story. I chose a rabbit and Jee selected a turtle.

Tea pets are bathed or seasoned at the start of and throughout the tea service.

The Dian Hong was long lasting; it was steeped at least 10 times. The flavor profile ranged from smoked cinnamon in early steeps, astringent at the peak, to a mild sweetness towards the end. Shunan has created an extensive tea menu but her descriptions make it easy to choose a tea.


  1. great post! I cannot wait to check it out. I attended a demo with Shunan at the Coffee and Tea festival, she is extremely friendly and knowledgeable! The shop looks wonderful.

  2. Notes on Tea10/23/13, 1:29 PM

    Sara, thank you! I really enjoyed the experience.


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