October 01, 2013

Highlights from the Taste of France Show & No.1: Les Ruchers de Bourgogne honey

Last Saturday I attended the Taste of France Show at Bryant Park with Jee of Oh, How Civilized (and two of her friends).

We completed the entire circuit of booths - seeing, tasting, and drinking a lot. In the next several posts I will share highlights of the day. The products are not listed in order of preference but rather in the order in which I experienced them.

The photograph above depicts Highlight No. 1: Les Ruchers de Bourgogne honey. I sampled three of the company's honeys: lavender, chestnut, and acacia. The latter was very mild in stark contrast to the strong, "mushroomy" chestnut. The lavender was sweet enough with herb-flower notes.

The other six highlights are:

No. 2: Flavigny candies
No. 3: President butter
No. 4: La Cheesecakerie
No. 5: Maille mustards
No. 6: Le Palais des Thes
No. 7: Nina's Paris teas.

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