October 28, 2013

Afternoon Tea: Kings' Carriage House

Last week I joined Jee of Oh, How Civilized for afternoon tea at 3 p.m. at Kings' Carriage House.  On viewing the website and seeing the building I had great expectations for this tea service. My expectations were not met but there were several things I enjoyed. One was the greeting at the door and our server's warm personality. Another was my tea pot. I like that each person was presented with a different pot.

Also, the tea cup did not match the pot. I selected the English Breakfast (from Harney & Sons) from a handful of teas.  The server asked if we wanted more hot water which is a positive sign, but with only one tea bag in the pot, the second steeping was weak.

I liked that the scones were served warm but the best thing about the scone plate was the cream and jam.  Seven sweets were served and I don't have a photo of my favorite: the chocolate-dipped strawberries.

My favorite savory was the goat cheese tartlette with mango salsa and a tomato wheel. The complete afternoon tea menu is available here.

P.S. Please excuse the blurry photos. Second, I wish I had photos of the carriage house exterior and interior. It is a charming building.

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