September 10, 2013

Tea Review: The Republic of Tea Sungma Turzum Oolong

Before Sungma Turzum from The Republic of Tea it had been a long while since I had last drunk oolong tea.  Sungma Turzum was an easy and delicious way to make a come back.

I prepared a cup by steeping one teaspoon of loose leaves in 205-degree F water for five minutes.  The smell was classic oolong but the taste more fruity/floral than I remember oolongs to be.  Rotea says that there is less umami notes in this oolong.  The steeped leaves smell like ripe nectarines.  I was unable to detect the rose notes.

Oolongs are typically from Fujian Province in China and Taiwan but Sungma Turzum is from Darjeeling, India.  The tea's provenance must account for its fruit nose.  This is a perfect oolong for summer. 

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