July 30, 2013

Tea Shop - Press Tea

On my second visit to Press Tea, I had a full serving of rooibos. I enjoyed a sample of the tea when I first visited the tea shop with Jee of Oh How Civilized in June. At that time, I ordered an iced green tea and we shared several pastries: blueberry cheesecake, apricot scone, and a matcha sponge cake.

The tea making at Press Tea is innovative. The tea is pressed with modified espresso machines yielding fresh, intense flavors.

I also like the system of ordering: select a tea, choose a preparation, and add an optional flavoring.  I ordered rose syrup with my green tea (I think I thought I was ordering cherry).  This time, I ordered a featured beverage - the rooibos caramel latte - and the barista graciously iced it for me.  It was perfect! Cool yet warm from caramel and rooibos notes, creamy, and slightly sweet.

Although I was tempted by the cinnamon doughnut, I selected the blueberry cheesecake. It is delicious.  Lots of blueberries, a great crumble top, and the cake is moist with a hint of sour.  Oh, and the bottom crust was moist, too, but it held its shape well.  I'll be back.


  1. I'll have to go back to try the iced rooibos!

  2. Press tea is definitely one of my new favorite indulgences. I get cravings for their Wild Himalayan black tea.

  3. Georgia | Notes on Tea8/12/13, 5:20 PM

    Nicole, the black tea was recommended to me.

    Jee, don't forget the caramel (and I ordered the latte with 2% milk).


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