June 18, 2013

Tea Review: Tea Mania Four Seasons

I was pleased when Peter Pocajt of Tea Mania emailed me about reviewing their teas. He sent two oolongs: Four Season and Jade Pearls First Flush.  Yesterday I finished the Four Season sample.

"Rich taste with charming flowery nuances" perfectly captures the taste and aroma of this oolong! The floral notes are mostly detected by smell and are not overwhelming.  The tea lingers on the tongue, almost coating it.  The flavor profile is of Southeast Asian fruits.  Not jackfruit or durian!  Think lychee.

Here's how I prepared this oolong: add 1 heaping teaspoon to a basket and steep in 250mL of 80-degree Celsius water for 2 minutes.  Additional infusion were 1 minute.  (Or you can follow the steeping guide at Teamania.)

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