June 26, 2013

How to Make: Candles

From Hiob und seine Frau by Georges de la Tour via Wikimedia Commons (source)

Have you made your own candles?  Following on our review of the LPdT Fleur de Geisha candle, we've rounded up five candle-making recipes.

Practice recycling. Make a candle from old wax. {The Nest}

Got a spare teacup? Make your candle in it. {Martha Stewart}

Or in a French yogurt jar.  Oh la la!  {Style Me Pretty}

In keeping with the season, make your candle in a seashell. {Design*Sponge} 

Need more inspiration?  Here are 10.*  I like the simplicity of the roll-up beeswax candles. {Babble}

*Two of the ten are candles in teacups and yogurt jars.

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