May 28, 2013

Tea Review: Osulloc roasted green tea

Rotea returned from Korea with chocolate and tea! The latter is a roasted green tea from the Jeju Island produced by Osulloc. Steeped as recommended - 2 teaspoons in 350mL of 80-degree C water for two minutes - the tea tasted of green vegetables and roasted nuts.

The flavor profile of the steeped tea contrasts with the smell of the dry leaves. Creamy and sweet like condensed milk and also with notes of Horlicks, malted milk drink served hot which I loved as a child.

The packaging of the tea is interesting. The outer portion reminds me of a folder one would get when from a luxury holiday company. I do like opening the "jacket." The jacket and tea packet itself sport different shades of green and are decorated with nature imagery. The visual deign reinforces Osulloc's green practices. I am happy to drink an organic tea.

Learn more about Jeju Island here.

P.S. When you visit the Osulloc website, check out the lower right hand corner!

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