May 17, 2013

Tea posters

I collect stationery and have several tea-themed pieces but I don't have any tea posters.  Here are several posters I like from around the web.  Would love to hear about your favorite(s).  Enjoy the round-up!

Drinking tea is a good way to recover from a crisis

Here's a "Drink More Tea" spoof on the Uncle Sam "I Want You" poster.

You've probably seen the "Keep Calm and Drink Tea" postcards; you can buy the sentiment in poster form, too. Here's another version.

I agree with the sentiment of this poster: "Everything Stops For Tea"!

And here's a good one for a laugh.

And finally, this "Tea & Music" poster reminds me of the tea and music package I received from the Tea for Tyrants Kickstarter project.  Stay tuned for a review of the Gyokuro Superior.

P.S. A selection of my tea stationery can be seen here.

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