April 02, 2013

Tea Shop - Le Palais des Thes

I think I'm on a roll. A couple of weeks go I went to afternoon tea at Tea & Sympathy.  And last week, I visited a new tea shop in the neighborhood, Le Palais des Thes at 156 Prince Street. (Although good things usually come in threes, last Thursday a sister-in-law and I went to the Wenham Tea House for afternoon tea but struck out. The tea house was closed for a private party.  Maybe the good things don't have to be consecutive....)

Anyway, I enjoyed my experience at Le Palais.  When I entered the store I was warmly you are acknowledged by the staff.  I was asked if I would like to try the tea of the morning which was The du Hammam.  I did and was pleasantly surprised. The blend of Chinese green tea with Turkish flavors such as roses, green dates, berries and orange flower water was delicious.

I browsed the entire store but spent most of my visit at the oolong (shown) and black loose leaf walls.

My selections were Hattiali Assam and for Rotea, Butterfly of Taiwain oolong.  Julia gave me three sample tea bags which I've already drunk.  It would be great to sample the Ile Maurice, a flavored black from Mauritius, and Jukro, a black tea from South Korea.


  1. Thé du Hammam is one of my favorite blends from this shop. The Grand Cru Dong Ding is also excellent :)

  2. Love their teas! I have their Maijian Assam which is delicious. I'm not a huge flavored tea fan but I do enjoy their The Des Moines.

  3. notesontea4/7/13, 6:55 PM

    Nicole and Sara, thank you for the recommendations.

    I am really enjoying the Butterfly of Taiwan oolong so am tempted to try the Grand Cru Dong Ding next time.

    I am a big fan of Assam so it's nice to have another to add to my list. I'm so curious about the The des Moines; I wouldn't have thought to blend black and green teas!

  4. Nathaly Philippe4/11/13, 1:46 PM

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