March 13, 2013

How to Make: Tea Bags

Around Valentine's Day this year, DAVIDsTEA tweeted Snapguide's tea sachet tutorial.  I made a mental note to try the craft and finally did so yesterday.  My tea bag celebrates spring: a Dragonwell filled tulip.

I used a Melitta coffee filter #1 which is too thick.  Next time I will use a traditional coffee filter.  The heaping teaspoon of Teavana Dragonwell shown in the photograph did not fit into my tea bag.  The tulip bag accommodated exactly 1 teaspoon of the losse leaf with room left for expansion.

Here is a brief set of instructions: (1) draw your pattern on the filter (if you use a traditional filter you should fold it in half); (2) cut our the pattern; (3) stitch near the edge leaving an opening to add the tea; (4) add the tea and finish sewing the bag; (5) add a tag if desired - I used construction paper and the thread I used to sew the bag; (6) steep and enjoy!

The Snapguide tutorial is one of many DIY tea bag guides. I also like the guides by cupcakes and cashmere and a Beautiful Mess.

Let me know if you craft your own tea bag(s)!


  1. notesontea (Georgia)3/13/13, 1:29 PM

    Hannah, thanks! It brought spring indoors.


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