February 08, 2013

Recipe: Oh, How Civilized's matcha hot chocolate

I really enjoy baking and cooking and I usually modify the recipes I use.  Sometimes it pays to follow the recipe, as in the case of Oh, How Civilized's Matcha Hot Chocolate recipe.  The recipe calls for white chocolate but not liking the sweetness of white chocolate I decided to substitute dark chocolate.

Initially, the drink tasted great, like a rich brownie but as the tea cooled it acquired an overly earthy flavor.  Admittedly I used Nestle dark chocolate morsels (I had recently purchased them to use in a granola recipe).  (I estimated 1/4 cup would equal "2/3 of a 3.5oz" bar.)  Also, I used ingredient-grade matcha (see above) which tasted delicious in the iced matcha drinks I made in 2011 based on the ones at the In Pursuit of Tea pop-up shop.  However, the hot chocolate recipe called for ceremonial-grade matcha.  I need to update my pantry!  I will try the recipe again but I will use white chocolate.

By the way, any recommendations for white chocolate?  Jee of Oh, How Civilized used Lindt.


  1. I tried this recipe too. I couldn't get Lindt and all they had was Godiva vanilla bean. It was delicious but I was left with a ton of bean particles at the bottom of my cup :)

  2. Hi!
    This recipe looks great! I will try it as soon as possibile.
    Nice too meet you and your blog, I am a tea passionate and a tea blogger as well. Sometimes I do write posts in english too ;)

  3. Actually, I'm not sure if the matcha I used was ceremonial grade. I picked one up Sunrise Mart in the East Village and I couldn't find the same one online, so I just linked to a similarly priced matcha on Amazon.

    Nicole, I picked up both the Lindt and the Godiva vanilla bean at my supermarket for this recipe and I chose the Lindt for the final recipe for the same reason.

    Hmmm, now I wonder how this would work with milk chocolate....

  4. Welcome, Francesca! The photography on your blog is lovely. I will need a good translator for your site.

  5. Jee, it might work well with a sweet milk chocolate (10% cacao).

  6. Thanks for the tip, Nicole. I will avoid vanilla bean white chocolates. Will you try the recipe again?


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