February 07, 2013

Recipe: Brooklyn Supper's spiced ginger lemon tea

I had great success with Oh, How Civilized's Masala Chai (recipe here) that I decided to regularly recreate tea recipes from my favorite blogs.  The next recipe I tried at home was a Spiced Ginger Lemon Tea, by Brooklyn Supper.

Coincidentally I read the recipe a few days before I got a cold.  This tisane is delicious and effective!  I mostly stayed true to the recipe only substituting one ingredient: star anise for fennel.  The star anise and honey were sweet in different ways and balanced by the heat of the ginger and tartness of the lemon. I smelled the cardamom more than I tasted but perhaps it was that smooth warmth beneath the ginger. Oh, I added rum to one batch because Rotea's cold was more severe than my own.

A final note, the lemon I used in the first batch was too big and so the drink was a bit sour. The next batches were less so but I think in the future I will use a sweeter lemon.

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