January 02, 2013

Tea Review: S. D. Bell's Natural Leaf Tea

Some times it pays to follow the directions on the tea tin!  Preparing different types of teas for many years, I usually do not follow the provided instructions.  I eyeball the amount of tea leaf based on experience with the type of tea (ex: Sencha versus Dragonwell or Tie Guan Yin versus Wu Yi).  I am more likely to use a thermometer when preparing a white tea or delicate green tea.

I have been enjoying the S. D. Bell teas sent by Best International and steeping them with my usual methods. This morning I followed the brewing directions for the Natural Leaf Tea and the result was excellent.  With milk, the tea was smooth and malty, strong without any harsh flavors.

Do you follow directions when steeping your tea?


  1. I've seen some directions recommend a 2 minute(!!!) steep for a white tea, so nope. I'd rather take the risk of missing out than wreck a tea.

  2. Kate, what temperature did those directions call for?

    Am enjoying your new year reviews!


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