December 17, 2012

Tea Review: S. D. Bell's Lady Londonderry Tea

I received a generous package of tea from importer Best International Tea based in Chatham, NJ.  Today I steeped the Lady Londonderry twice: a large cup with breakfast and a smaller "afternoon cup".  The blend of "fine Assams, a little China and a touch of Ceylon" smells like dried raisins or prunes.

After steeping, the taste, without milk, is astringent but also fruity.  With (lowfat) milk, the flavor is transformed.  It retains a mild fruit sweetness but the main flavor is of dulce de leche!

You can purchase this tea here.


  1. Hey, where are you based? Would you be interested in reviewing some LuLin Teas tea? You see can see the range here:
    Let me know!

  2. Georgia @ Notes on Tea3/14/13, 9:27 AM

    Hello Hannah: I am based in NYC. Your tea selection is great. I prefer loose leaf unflavored black, green, and oolong.


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