December 05, 2012

Tea Review: David's Tea Forever Nuts

Forever Nuts and Cookie Dough are the newest additions to my tea pantry.  Both teas are made by David's Tea and were purchased at the Bleecker Street store in NYC.  I have prepared one cup of the Cookie Dough and will review it later.  Today's review is of Forever Nuts.

Forever Nuts is a tisane: it does not contain tea, only apples, nuts, cinnamon, and a surprising ingredient.  The latter colors the tea pink; it's beet.  I can detect a slight earthy sweetness.  The smell of the dry tisane is amazing: it smells like an apple cake or streudel.  The taste of the brew more truly reflects two  of the ingredients -- almonds and cinnamon.  Thankfully the cinnamon flavor is not candy like!

This tea would be refreshing iced.  Also, it's child friendly.

Have you steeped Forever Nuts?  


  1. Normally I really hate nuts but nuts as tea? That's so crazy! I've heard a lot of good things about Forever Nuts and am very intrigued by it~
    Maybe I'll stop by my local David's Tea and try it out~

  2. It is surprisingly good. Let me know your thoughts once you try it.


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