October 16, 2012

Tea with Aunt Elizabeth at Harney & Sons

It is a pleasure to introduce someone to a favorite tea place.  I had a chance to do so last week when I took my Aunt Elizabeth to tea at the Harney Soho Tea Lounge.  We each ordered small pots; she of Scent of Mountains and I of Scottish Morn, an Assam blend.  Aunt Elizabeth usually drinks jasmine tea but I told her that one of my favorite teas at Harney is the Scent of Mountains.

We shared a gluten-free tea cake from Tu-lu's Gluten-Free Bakery and a plate of cucumbers slices on green tea cream cheese served on rice crackers.  The cake was moist and delicious and I recreated the cucumber canape at home.

Image: Emeric Harney adding Scent of Mountain to gaiwan

After tea we both purchased the teas we had drunk.  We were satisfied at this point but Emeric Harney heightened our experience by demonstrating cold-brewing using Scent of Mountains.  Stay tuned for photos and a video!


  1. excellent! I love Harney, haven't been in awhile. Reminds me that I need to go back! I took a tea class with Emeric awhile back, he's very informative!

  2. The Harney Assam blend is finished but I bought a couple ounces of Keemun from Sullivan Street. When this is finished I might find my way back to Harney.


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