October 09, 2012

Tea Shop - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

After completing a round of errands, I treated myself to a cup of tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop on Bleecker Street.  I considered the Dragonwell but they were not serving it on the day I went.  I also thought about the Scottish Breakfast. I have drunk English and Irish but only recently read about the Scottish variety.  Wanting something perky but with low caffeine, I settled on the Chai Rooibos.  The smell was very floral.  When the tea cooled enough to sip it, it tasted overwhelmingly like a "hot cinnamon" candy.  As it cooled further, I detected the Rooibos but the dominant flavor was cinnamon.  Less of a treat than I expected.  Next time I will order the Scottish Breakfast or hope they have the Dragonwell back in stock.

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  1. I haven't had good experiences at the times square location for tea. The staff doesn't seem to know much (if anything) about it. but they have an interesting list of teas. The last time I went I had iced tea and they had no idea that it was flavored. I kept asking for plain black iced tea and I ended up with apricot.

  2. Flavored teas or herbal blends can be a hit or miss, I guess.

    I agree about the list of options. It's the first place I've seen a Scottish Breakfast so I'd like to try it there.


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