August 17, 2012

Favorite teas of 2012

Association of Tea Bloggers (ATB) member Jason of Walker Tea Review is hosting a blog carnival about "favorite teas." I have lots of favorites from 2012 which I share below.  Please let me know your favorites from 2012, last year, or of all time. Also, stay tuned for the ATB's 1st annual Tea Bloggers' Choice Awards!

Image: Peppermint tea, Harney & Sons

If you are looking for a consistently delicious herbal blend, try David's Tea Mint Chocolate Rooibos.  It is my favorite herb blend of the year.  Sticking with herbals and mint, I also enjoyed drinking Harney & Sons Peppermint Tea.  The packaging is pretty; well-made green tin filled with sachets.

Image: Pu'er (by Master Liu)

I have not drunk any pu'er so far this year though I saw a beautifully packaged pu'er cake by Master Liu (thank you, Curtis!).  In 2010, I drank a Yunnan pu'er dating from the 1990s at a Harney & Sons tea tasting.

This year I hardly drank oolong or white teas so no favorites to report on.  I drank a lot of green and black teas, though.  My favorite black tea of 2012 is East Wind Tea's Hongcha from Korea.  It is incredibly smooth - even after steeping for more than five minutes! 

Image: Gyokuro flavored with rose petals, Bosie Tea Parlor

When I select a true tea, i.e. not an herbal, I usually choose one that is unblended and unflavored.  I surprised myself by ordering a flavored gyokuro at the Bosie Tea Parlor and was pleased with my decision.  Gyokuro flavored with rose petals is slightly sweet and mildly aromatic.  Read my review here. (The Bosie gyokuro cannot be nominated for the ATB award because it is not sold online.)  My favorite unflavored, unblended green tea of 2012 is the karigane from Think Coffee which I have had twice, once hot, the other time iced. Last year, I really enjoyed drinking Harney & Sons Sencha Scent of Mountains.

Don't forget to tell me about your favorite teas!  Also you can find the Association of Tea Bloggers here and on Facebook.

p.s. Check out the other participants in this Favorite Tea blog carnival at Walker Tea Review.

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