August 03, 2012

Chain Tea Shop: Think Coffee

Within four blocks of my home in any direction are two reputable chain tea shops -- Argo Tea, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - and one coffee shop that serves fair trade, loose leaf tea - Think Coffee.  I ordered a cup of Karigane from Think which was steeped in boiling water.  It was too hot to drink immediately!  However, once the water reached a drinkable temperate, the tea was delightful.

Karigane is a twig tea usually made from the stems of Gyokuro, though it can be prepared from Sencha. The taste and smell were vegetal, earthy, and sweet. Each sip coated my entire mouth and the flavor lingered on my tongue. If you live in New York, find a Think Coffee near you and try the Karigane.


  1. wow i'll have to add Think Coffee to my list of tea places to try out. Thanks! I never would have thought to try it, since it sounds like a coffee place.

  2. notesontea8/3/12, 8:40 PM

    Sara: it's definitely a coffee place! But, the cafe (at least the one on Mercer) offers green (most if not all Japanese), oolong and black teas.


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