August 13, 2012

Tea Shop - Argo Tea

Today's review is of Argo Tea's Green Tea which is Japanese Sencha blended with Matcha.  I ordered a small cup of iced green tea one afternoon last week.  At Argo, tea is pre-steeped and stored in a large glass pitchers.  You can view a picture of this setup here.  When I placed my order the appropriate amount of tea was poured over ice.

I had never tried a sencha-matcha blend before but enjoyed both teas separately.  I expected a happy combination of both -- grassy, sweet, and creamy -- but my cup was astringent and bitter.  Rotea compared it to an over-steeped unsweetened, black iced tea.  Thankfully, the harsh flavor mellowed a bit with time, especially after eating a pistachio macaron, also purchased at the cafe.

Have you drunk a sencha-matcha blend?  Tell us about it in the comments.  And in case you missed the first post in the series, read it here.


  1. They brew their green teas with water that is too hot and over steap the tea. If you buy it and brew at home with a lower temp water and strap for only a min you will for sure enjoy their green loose tea.

  2. Thank you for the tip, "Anonymous". I will experiment at home!


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