August 07, 2012

Brewing iced tea

Image: Pitcher of Iced Tea with a Glass of Ice Tea by Evan Swigart (source)

In response to my cold infusion post, Alex Zorach provided his preferred method for making iced-tea:
steep-hot-and-chill, and I usually just brew a very small amount and then cool that to room temperature before adding cold water and chilling it in the fridge, or pouring that over ice if I'm in a hurry.
Via Twitter, "aheda" asked for my favorite method to brew iced tea, without purchasing new equipment and specifically black tea. I don't have a favorite method but the one I've used most often is similar to Alex's:
steep teabags in hot water, remove teabags, then refrigerate until chilled. You can hasten the process by adding (fresh) ice cubes or super cooling the brew in the freezer.  Depending on your preference, use 4-6 teabags per quart/32 oz of water.  See below for loose leaf ratios.
"Aheda", you can try the steep hot & chill methods or you could try cold-infusion: steep the teabags in water and refrigerate overnight. Daily Nibbles has instructions for cold-brew loose leaf black tea.  Also check out In Pursuit of Tea's methods for cold brewing different types of tea.  Please let us know which method(s) you used and the outcome(s).

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