May 31, 2012

Tea-making machines, part 3

This is the final post in a short series on tea-making machines in The Secret Life of Home exhibit at the Science Museum London.  We are so intrigued by the lampshade in the Goblin 'Teasmade' model D26 c1945!  (The 1932 prototype for the 1938 model is shown on the left.)
The Goblin automatic tea-maker was invented by W H Brenner Thornton and William Hermann who first patented it in 1934. The British Vacuum Cleaner and Engineering Company Ltd of London later bought the patent rights and subsequently sold it under the Goblin Teasmade name. The teasmade incorporates an alarm clock. Just before the alarm sounds, boiling water is forced down the metal pipe into the waiting teapot. (From Science & Society Picture Library)

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