April 26, 2012

Favorite methods to make tea

Image: High Mountain Dark Roast, Teance, Berkeley, 2008

The gongfu cha style of tea preparation using a gaiwan is one of In Pursuit of Tea's favorite ways to make tea.  We like to use a gaiwan, too! Of the method, IPoT writes,
It enables precise control over the steeping and pouring - you adjust the lid to hold back the leaves and let the liquid out - as well as appreciation of the evolving flavor and aroma of the tea.
Image: Gongfu cha with Imperial Silver Needle, Imperial Tea Court, Berkeley, 2008

We would also like to add that the preparation is fascinating to watch and the teaware is lovely.

Image: Gaiwans, Imperial Tea Court, Berkeley, 2006

What is your favorite way to prepare tea?

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