March 30, 2012

Tea with Margie at Bosie Tea Parlor

A friend (M.) and I enjoyed afternoon tea at Bosie Tea Parlor this week.  It was a good choice of venue: Bosie staff are knowledgeable and warm, the tea and food menus are diverse, and the decor is soothing. 

M. ordered a mild green tea and the salmon and cucumber tea sandwiches.  Because I had a cold I knew I wanted a "therapeutic" tea but not an herbal tisane.  The Gyokuro flavored with rose petals fit the bill.  The aroma of the tea was all rose but it was not cloying.  The liquor was lightly colored.

Bosie offers lots of macarons and ornate pastries.  I selected the Ipsahan pastry (rose macaron filled with rose-butter cream, lychee, and raspberries) because its rose ingredients would be a good complement to the rose-flavored tea.  The ipsahan was so decadent!  The rose butter cream and lychee added a creamy flavor to the tea and tart raspberries balanced the natural sweetness of the Gyokuro and rose.


  1. That sounds so delicious! I never thought of rose and lychee together.


  2. Me either, especially with tart raspberries but the combination was excellent.


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