January 30, 2012

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Last summer I read Untapped Cities "Death by Dumplings" blog post and learned about Nom Wah Tea Parlor located on the infamous Doyers Street in Chinatown.  In the early twentieth century, the pronounced curve in the short street was known as the "Bloody Angle," the scene of many tong wars.

Nom Wah was first established at 13-15 Doyers in 1920 and served Chinese pastries and tea.  The parlor moved to 11-13 Doyers in 1968.  I did not eat at the restaurant when I visited it last summer though I noticed an open cupboard of teas above the register.  An article about the restaurant's re-opening in January 2011 by the New York Daily News reported that the tea parlor would serve "10 traditional Chinese teas" in addition to "more Western flavors, like Earl Grey."  Owner, Wilson Tang observed that tea is "integral to the dim sum experience [...] because it washes away the oily taste of the dumplings before the next dish."

I like the pink and green color palette used in the parlor's new signage but am pleased the owners preserved the old sign.


  1. Oh man, I thought I've seen that place before. It's in the music video for In View by the Tragically Hip at 4:10-ish.



  2. Very interesting! I will definitely give it a try. Hopefully the tea will be very good.

    Speciality Tea

  3. A tea shop located near a former gang battlefield. there's a contrast you don't see every day...

    The front of the shop is quite stunning. The pink and yellow color scheme really complements the old signs, which in turn give the shop a rather rustic appearance.

    Hopefully the tea was equally impressive? :)



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