January 04, 2012

Discovering new things tea

At the end of last year, we visited David's Tea on Bleecker Street, one of two stores recently opened in Manhattan.  The company is based on Canada.  Stay tuned for a review of our experience. 

Only four days into the new year, I have discovered two, new-to-me tea blogs.  The first is not purely a tea blog but Kathy YL Chan writes regularly about tea and her posts on the subject can be read here.  Following a link from Kathy's post about tea pairings at Union Square Cafe, I found Le Palais des Thés's tea blog, Discovering Tea, written by its founder François-Xavier Delmas.   

Have you discovered new tea shops or tea blogs? 


  1. If you're interested in DavidsTea, I've written up a few reviews of some of their products:


    They tend not to be the most subtle of teas, but there's a lot of good flavour combos there.


  2. Kate: I enjoyed all your David's Tea reviews. When I visited the store the Chocolate Chili Chai was sold out. Thank you for commenting here!


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