January 14, 2012

Tea Shop - David's Tea

The new tea kid in Greenwich Village is a David's Tea outlet on Bleecker Street.  My first attempts to visit the store failed as I could not navigate the crowds with a stroller.  Sans stroller and with Rotea in tow, I visited on a calm day.  The interior of the store is unusual for a tea shop.  The walls are painted stark white, it is brightly lit, and it does not feel cozy.  On the positive side, the staff was friendly and the selection is extensive.

The Chocolate Chili Chai sample smelled amazing but it was sold out. You can read Sagaci-Tea's review of this tea here. We bought a Chocolate Rocket to-go and two ounces of English Breakfast.  We would buy the English Breakfast again.  The smell of the Chocolate Rocket promised more than it delivered, at first.  As the tea cooled I was able to detect more than the chocolate.  I would buy Chocolate Rocket again but for home brewing.

Because our tea service was slow, we were given a coupon for a free cup of tea.  Which tea should I try next? Here's the tea menu.

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  1. Jumpy Monkey is a good yerba mate blend if you want something caffeinated. For herbal, I heard they're bringing back Pink Flamingo for a limited time - it is amazing.

    Maybe try Citron Oolong? Skip Carrot Cake, it's a bit of a bust. If they have any Oh Christmas Treat left, try it, it's basically a Chocolate Orange in a mug.



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