October 19, 2011

Tea Review: Boston Tea Company Irish Breakfast

Our samples from Boston Tea Company arrived just in time for the cooler weather.  We received three black teas (Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, and Ceylon Symphony) and one green tea (Dragonwell).  We have tried all three blacks and the Irish Breakfast is the subject of this review.

The official tasting notes for this tea are:
A blend of full-bodied, robust Assam Tea with high notes of high-grown Ceylon tea brews a deep red liquor that is hearty, malty and rich in flavor.
We found it brisk yet smooth, and nutty.  It does not lose any of its flavors with the addition of milk.  Also, it complements a variety of foods.  We have drunk it with a breakfast of cereal, fruit, and yogurt.  My favorite time to drink this tea is in the afternoon, accompanied by something made from chocolate.

Finally, it is quite curious that the Boston Tea Company is located in Hackensack, NJ.  Although Hackensack does not have a tea history to speak of, a "tea party" took place in Greenwich, NJ on December 12, 1774.  Tea en route to Philadelphia was stolen and burned to protest the Townshend Act of 1767.

Our thanks to Caitlyn Scheuermann for providing us with generous samples of tea.  Stay tuned for more reviews.

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