October 31, 2011

Tea Review: Boston Tea Company Dragonwell

Dragonwell or Longjing tea  is grown in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.  The flat appearance of the leaf is a defining characteristic of this tea.  Dragonwell is a popular green tea and it is one of my favorites.  I like the multiple flavors available in each sip - nutty, creamy (butter), sweet, astringent.

Boston Tea Company's Dragonwell is dominated by nutty and astringent flavors.  The absence of creamy and sweet notes might have occurred from damage during  shipping.  I received four samples from Boston Tea Company and the leaves in the Dragonwell pouch appeared crushed.  On the other hand, there are several varieties of Dragonwell and perhaps this type is not characterized by sweetness or a buttery mouthfeel.

Here are the company's tasting notes for this tea:
Give your tummy some TLC! Considered a digestive aid and named for the village of Dragonwell, in the Chinese province of Zhejiang where it is produced, this superior tea is regarded as one of the finest Chinese green teas. Its flat, jade green leaves yield a mellow, aromatic brew that leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste for a refreshing cup anytime of day! Treat your belly well with Dragonwell!
Although I associate green teas with spring, the strong nut and astringent qualities of Boston Tea Company's Dragonwell make it an ideal winter beverage.  Again, thank you to Caitlyn Scheuermann for providing us with generous samples of tea.


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  1. Sounds lovely, I love longjing! I brought back a tonne from Hangzhou, but I've chugged it all down and I'm looking for more. I love the nuttiness of longjing, it's so unique.


  2. Welcome, Kate. I really enjoyed reading your tasting notes on the Sticky Rice Pu-erh Tuocha from Chicago Tea Garden. I wonder if I can buy some locally.


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