October 27, 2011

Broome Street Tea History

Broome Street, according to a poster we spotted in the window of a Soho luxury apartment building, was named for tea importer Henry Broome. Coincidentally, this area of NYC houses several tea houses now: Harney & Sons SoHo at 433 Broome; In Pursuit of Tea around the corner at 33 Crosby; and Ten Ren at 178 Lafayette. Read our blog post about places to buy and to drink tea in Soho!

In a volume of history of American commerce between 1795 and 1895 edited by Chauncey Mitchell Depew, I learned that Broome & Platt "were among the first to engage in" tea trade with Canton, China after the Revolution.  Also, John Jacob Astor was a tea trader, one of the "two largest East India merchants".

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