September 13, 2011

Pour le thé

We are big fans of Mille-feuille's pastries.  We especially like the madeleine, macarons, and the savory cheese brioche.  The bakery recommends you eat the following items with tea:

Citron Cake
Walnut Cake
Chocolate Chunk Brownie
Hazelnut Brownie

However, it does not offer a pairing menu. Rotea prepared loose leaf Irish Breakfast this morning (purchased from Porto Rico Imports) and I enjoyed my cup with milk and a handful of almonds which made me think that Irish Breakfast and other malty black teas would pair well with the financier.  The financier is a teacake baked with almond flour.   

What type of tea(s) would you serve with each of the recommended pastries?


  1. My goodness! I'd need an awfully large pot of tea to swallow down all of those sweets!

  2. How about a flight of teas for all the pastries or one cup per baked good? Thank you for reading Notes on Tea, Arnold.

  3. To me, Irish Breakfast tea can pair well with almost any pastry :p Maybe that is just me. Great blog!


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