August 01, 2011

Loose leaf tea inventory

Image: Drawing of a branch, leaves, and blossoms of a tea tree via Library of Congress (source)
A friend recently asked us how much tea we drink each day.  I replied, "Two cups," while Rotea said "one."  I used to drink several cups a tea per day but with a youngster it is hard to find to the time to properly steep and to drink several infusions or even a few cups of tea. We told ourselves that we should do what we used to - steep loose leaf tea in the morning and for me, in the afternoon, tea. We were tempted to purchase new tea but when we inventoried our tea cupboard we realized that would be foolish.  We have a lot of tea at home.  Here is our loose leaf tea inventory by type:

East Wind Tea Company Sobacha

Sun's Organic Garden White Peony (organic)

East Wind Nokcha
Tea-Treff Sencha Fuku
Harney & Sons Sencha Scent of Mountains
Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company Matcha
The Tao of Tea Lincang Maofeng
Tao of Tea Sencha

China Kwaiflower
East Wind White Tip
Harney & Sons Li Shan
Oolong (unknown)
Sun's JinXuan
Sun's Four Season Spring
Sullivan Street Wuyi
Tao of Tea Black Dragon

Andees Darjeeling (organic)
Darjeeling (unknown)
Boh Seri Songket black tea (with cinnamon)
Jing Chai
Tao of Tea Kali Cha
Twinings Assam
Zawadi Jambo! Pure Black Tea

Tao of Tea Golden Puer


Can you tell our tea preferences?!

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