July 18, 2011

West Village tea stroll

Our West Village tea stroll will be conducted one tea shop at a time.  First up is the Bosie Tea Parlor on Morton Street.  We read about Bosie on Amy Edding's blog for WNYC.  Ms. Eddings raved about the parlor's steamed matcha with almond milk.  Here is her description:
It was warm and soothing and creamy ... all the qualities I love about coffee, and have missed while drinking herbal teas.

Well, of course we had to order this drink on our first visit!  It was refreshing, made with matcha, almond milk, and surprise, coconut water.  It was creamy, a bit like "liquid ice cream" as it was described to us by owner Nicky.  Rotea found a bit heavy on the almond milk.

I shall return to sample the loose leaf tea menu.

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