May 05, 2011

All the tea in Soho (Manhattan)

Soho is best known for its clothing boutiques, but it is also home to several tea shops.  At 33 Crosby Street you will find In Pursuit of Tea's pop-up shop, open since summer 2010. We wrote about their Tea & Cheese tasting last fall.  Notice the "Ñ" in the shop window to the left of the tea shop?  That's the site of pop-up The Matcha Box according to Grub Street New York.

I really like the In Pursuit of Tea shop.  It's very cozy but gets great light through a large window.  The server is personable and knowledgeable.  Last summer I really enjoyed their cold infused teas.

Also on Crosby, at No. 79, is the Crosby Street Hotel which offers a traditional afternoon tea. We wrote about the hotel's tea service in August 2010.

Long established in Millerton, NY, Harney and Sons moved to Soho last fall; their large and airy shop is at 433 Broome Street.

Image: Ten Ren Tea, Mott Street location
Chinatown's Ten Ren Tea has a small outlet at 178 Lafayette Street which is technically Chinatown but I've included it here because this particular location is north of Canal.

Finally, Kelley and Ping at 127 Greene Street offers Thai Iced Tea and a tea of the day.

Stay tuned for our Greenwich/West Village tea round-up.  In the meantime, if we have missed your favorite tea service in Soho, please share them in the comment section.


  1. There is also a nice tea bar in the Pearl River store on Broadway between Grand and Broome. They have a nice selection of Chinese tea.

  2. Sara, thank you for the tea spot. I have purchased boxed tea from Pearl River but never visited the tea bar there.


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