April 28, 2011

Tea for baby, part 2

When your child does not like to drink plain water what are your options as a parent?  Mine have been whole milk diluted with water, water with a splash of pure juice, and plain water.  I still offer the latter!

Afternoon tea (two girls having a tea party with their dolls in a garden), ca. 1900 (source)
It has been a warm week in the city with plenty of outdoor play and thus greater than normal thirstiness.  Fortunately for me, I read Bigelow Tea Blog's take on jello known as FruiTEA Wigglers.  Instead of "wigglers," I prepared iced herbal tea.  I could not find any of Bigelow's herbal teas at my favorite grocer so I purchased Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger.  Well, I have enjoyed this drink this week, but my child has not.  Too tangy perhaps?

Have you read Tea for baby (part 1)? How about Gardening for herbal infusions?

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