March 16, 2011

Did you know this about tea?

Did you know that the A&P supermarket chain is The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company?  From the company's website:
Nearly 150 years ago, The Great American Tea Company opened a store on Vesey Street in New York City and began selling tea, coffee and spices at value prices. Soon stores sprung up all around the metropolitan area and salesmen took their wares to the road in horse-drawn carriages bound for New England, the mid-west and the south.  In 1869 the Company was renamed the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, in honor of the first transcontinental railroad and hopes of expanding across the continent.
The original tea store was located at 31 Vessey Street, which is adjacent to the World Trade Center site in downtown Manhattan. 

A&P began marketing its own coffee brand -- Eight O'Clock Breakfast Coffee -- in the 1880s but information about the tea sold by the company is not available on the its website.  At the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, A&P hosted tea dances under a canopied boardwalk and distributed tea (and coffee) samples.

A history, A&P: The Story of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, was written by Avis H. Anderson.

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