November 21, 2010

Three Assams from Munich

Technically Assam is grown in India but we were introduced to three in Munich: Dallmayr Assam (bagged), Ronnefeldt Mokalbarie Sommer GFBOP Assam (also bagged), and Tee-Treff Assam SF FTGFOP1 'Greenwood' (loose).  GFBOP is a broken leaf designation which means golden flowery broken orange pekoe while FTGFOP stands for fine tippy golden flowery pekoe (medium whole leaf). 

Our favorite was the Ronnefeldt Mokalbarie Sommer with dark, malty, cocoa flavors and smooth with or without milk.  Unfortunately, we could not find any in the markets near our hotel.

Our second favorite was the Tee Treff Assam and we purchased 100g twisted leaf tea with golden tips.  The Tee-Treff shop was staffed by a wonderful woman and the decor was surprisingly British.

We found the Dallmayr subtle even with a long steep time.  We liked the window display in the central Munich store but the store was overly crowded and the customers pushy.

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