October 05, 2010

Zhena's Gypsy Tea review

I was lucky to get two new teas from a sister-in-law, both Zhena's Gypsy Tea -- one, Chocolate Chai and two, Coconut Chai. I was excited to prepare the Coconut Chai because my sister-in-law and I really enjoyed a coconut chai at the Crosby Street Hotel afternoon tea.  However, I was disappointed by the tea, as was my sister-in-law.  Overall, the liquor was weak.  It did not have the body of Ceylon or Assam, the two black teas that formed the base of this chai.  The nose was promising -- of ginger and cardamom -- but the liquor was not spicy and was weakened with the addition of chai's traditional complement, milk.

On the other hand, the caffeine-free Chocolate Chai of Rooibos and Roasted Carob was excellent!  A five-minute infusion yielded a full-bodied tea.  The liquor matched the nose -- chocolate from the carob and cacao powder and a rich yet smooth flavor from the rooibos.  Well complemented by milk!

Perhaps I should prepare the Coconut Chai using a longer than recommended steep time and eat something with lime flavor to enhance the coconut -- like a lime-coconut cupcake!  Here's a recipe from Green Door Tea Pastries.

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