September 02, 2010

Cut-tear Dilmah

My loose leaf black tea from Dilmah (Sri Lanka) appears to be cut-tear not cut-tear-curl or CTC.  Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss, in their fantastic guide The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook, wrote that CTC is one of two manufacturing processes typically used for tea produced in Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.  The other process is orthodox or "well-twisted" whole leaves.  Here is a photograph of CTC manufactured assam from Japan:

Source: Wiki Commons / USAGI-WRP
By the way, I am also reading Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss's The Story of Tea.  (The New York Public Library is such a wonderful resource!  Hoping for my own copy of the handbook, though.)  You can find out more about the Heisses at

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