August 23, 2010

English Afternoon Tea at the Crosby Street Hotel

We enjoyed an afternoon tea at the Crosby Street Hotel with our European in-laws a few months ago.  The tea savories and sweets were so tasty that we ate most of them before I remembered to take a photograph!  Also, I did not take any notes so this post is based solely on memory.  Two of the party of six adults ordered a pot of Coconut Chai.  This tea was perfect: warm, creamy (even without milk), and a subtle hint of coconut.  One of us ordered a coffee, another a decaf cappuchino.  And one of us ordered a proper afternoon tea: a pot of Darjeeling.  No one ordered champagne.

Of the savories, I enjoyed the cucumber and egg sandwiches.  The carrot cake was delicious.  And everyone raved about the scones!  Finally, the service was thoughtful and we had a nice view of Crosby Street.

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