July 20, 2010

PS Coffee, Tea N Spices General Store

In the previous post we introduced you to the PS Coffee, Tea N Spices General Store in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  One of the cool things about the general store is its wall of tea -- loose leaf and bagged.

We bought 2 ounces of an oolong and a canister of Dilmah Breakfast Tea. We considered buying Davison Newman & Co. Ltd.'s Boston Harbor Tea but could not commit to 4 ounces of Darjeeling.


  1. I am a fellow tea drinker and found a lovely tea store on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada.


    The symmetrical loose tea tins and the ladder to access them all were very vintage.

  2. Ah, I love tea! And I would love to visit that shop. :)

  3. notesontea8/2/10, 9:37 PM

    Thanks for the comments, new readers.

  4. I need a cup of tea after reading all this!


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