July 06, 2010

Cool shots of tea

Have you seen them?  The cool shots of tea?  Cool as in can be found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.  I found them at Whole Foods.  The tea shots - Green Sencha and Blue Oolong - are made by Ito En and recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil!  I had never drunken cold green or oolong tea before but the canned novelty was a big draw.

I really liked the oolong; the sencha was too "green."  Both are unsweetened (why would they be sweetened?).  Perfect teas-to-go.


  1. This oolong shot tea tastes great and I didn't know you could find it in New York city! I just tried it couple days ago.

  2. notesontea8/5/10, 9:09 PM

    Steve: thanks for the comment.

    Readers: check out Steve's post on the Oolong Shot -- http://www.drinkwhat.com/all-natural-unsweetened-ito-en-oolong-shot-tea.


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