May 24, 2010

New & Old Blue-Patterned Tea Ware

Look what I brought back from California.  My friend Xy gifted this beautiful set to me.  Thank you!  I am excited to make and serve tea with this set.

I like blue-patterned tea ware!

Here's one of my favorite tea objects, patterned with blue of course, bought at the Tin Ming Tea House in Hong Kong Purple Cane Tea in Kuala Lumpur (thanks Lin!)


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  2. hey jo, ooh lovely new set. i like your flowery blue one too. been meaning to get a solo size teapot like the one you have here. but didnt you get this one from purple cane in kl?

  3. How lovely. I had an antique Chinese bone chine with blue country side paint work basket tea set. I brought id for 100AUD it would be worth 5000AUD today, but it was stollen from me. :(

    Check out my blog;)

  4. notesontea6/9/10, 9:47 PM

    Thanks, Tava Tea.
    Juanita, sorry to hear about your tea set.


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