October 12, 2009

Snow Jewel; yes, it's a white tea

I don't drink a lot of white tea. I've always found the taste too mild, too subtle but, I've become sensitive to caffeine (hopefully not for too long). I ordered 25 grams of East Wind Tea's Snow Jewel, a "rare Chinese white tea from Zheijang Province made from the silver leaf buds of a wold tea variety before they open."

A delicious tea with enough flavor to satisfy me. The nose and taste match the description on the package: peaches!


  1. White tea is great! It is loaded with anti oxidants and its light taste is ideal for adding secondary flavors to. My favorite is white licorice tea.

  2. Guy, welcome to the blog and thank you for the comment.

  3. White tea is good for you. But you need to realize that white tea may not have less caffeine than other kinds of tea. It might have more, believe it or not. It's an urban myth that white tea has the least caffeine. --Spirituality of Tea

  4. Jason: thanks for the clarification about caffeine levels in tea.


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