September 18, 2009

Tea: An affordable luxury for many

With names like Silver Moon, Emperor’s White Garden, Goût Russe Douchka and Sakura, the teas reflect a wide range of exotic flavors, attracting an almost religious following among tea lovers. While the rarest teas, like yellow teas, can cost $2,120 for a kilogram, or 2.2 pounds, gourmet teas cost 30 percent more than standard teas on average, making them an affordable luxury for many.

NY Times reporter Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop in her September 17th article titled "Despite Their Prices, Gourmet Teas Thrive as Global Economy Sags"

Also, Kolesnikov-Jessop notes that France is the new home of tea:

Even though tea consumption has been more strongly identified with the British, French companies have had a strong hold on the gourmet market for the last 20 years. “I think that’s because unlike the British that are very used to drinking tea, the French had no preconception about tea; they are willing to experiment,” said Mr. Delmas, of Le Palais des Thés. Mr. Cohen-Tanugi of Mariage Frères said, “The French drink the widest range of teas in the world, bringing the same attention and connoisseurship to the choice of the right tea as they would the proper wine.”

And finally, tea merchants coming to American include France'es Mariage Frères (a New York store) and Singapore's TWG Tea (a New York store and a counter at a NY Dean & DeLuca).


  1. It's cheaper than my husband's passion for Oriental rugs! By far, by far

  2. Marlena, welcome and thank you for the comment. I like your blog's format.

  3. Thanks, I like yours, too

  4. It's so cool how tea has captured the hearts of Americans during the recession. Finally America looks a bit more like Britain in getting through the hard times on tea. Sure, it's not everyone, but it's a lot more people into tea than just a decade or two ago. --Teaternity


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